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Monday, May 18, 2020 at 4:21:25 PM Greenwich Mean Time

This is a modern and comprehensive software for hospital automation, which is suitable for almost every hospital or medical institution: manage OPD patient visits, operations, pathologies, etc. The system includes more than 25 modules with 9 built-in user groups (Super Admin, Admin, Doctor, Accountant, Pathologist, Radiologist, Nurse, Receptionist and Patient).



Added Centralize Patient Management

Added Birth & Death Module

Added Notifications Module

Added Print Receipt in every module

Added Charges, Payment & Bill in OPD

Added Recheckup in OPD for Clinics

Added Prescription in IPD

Added Purchase Medicine in Pharmacy

Added Medicine Selection in OPD and IPD prescription

Added Manual Prescription in OPD

Added OPD Doctor charges

Added option to hide superadmin visibility to other users

Added medicine dosage for prescription

Added Move to OPD & IPD from Appointment

Added Move to IPD from OPD

Added Item Unit in Inventory

Added Purchase Price in Inventory

Added DOB (date of birth) in patient

Added Discount x%x Tax in IPD x%x Pharmacy Billing

Added Medicine Import in Pharmacy

Added Patient Import

Added Expiry Medicine Report

Added Income Group Report

Added Expense Group Report

Added Inventory Stock Report

Added Inventory Item Report

Added Inventory Issue Report

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