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Monday, May 18, 2020 at 10:10:19 AM Greenwich Mean Time

MTDb allows you to easily create your own full-featured website with movies and TV shows (movie sites) in minutes with zero programming knowledge. Fully automatic system: if the user did not find the desired movie, the script will automatically take the data and show it to the user. It supports authorization through popular social networks. Networks, a powerful filter for conveniently searching for a movie / series / TV show. The script automatically generates a page with the movie: trailer, comments, pictures, roles, biographies, etc. Easy translation system into any language, easy installation in 2 minutes and many other functions! There is an online viewing plugin.

Demo 1:

Demo 2:

Demo 3:


Easy Installation – Install MTDb easily with no coding or server knowledge in a few minutes with our easy to use installer and documentation.

Modern – MTDb is built with the latest modern technologies, including Laravel and Angular and is constantly being updated.

Editable Homepage – Default landing and home pages can be easily edited via built-in appearance editor with live preview and no coding knowledge.

SaaS mode – Earn money with built in premium subscription system. Create different plans for users to subscribe to and control what functionality and limitations each plan has.

High Performance – MTDb is lightweight and has lighting fast performance and page load time out of the box.

Automation – MTDb can be set to “automated” mode which will automatically import and update news, movies, series, actors and other information from 3rd party sites.

Content Management – MTDb can be used as a subscription based or free CMS, it allows you to fully create and modify everything from admin area including movies, series news, reviews, people and more.

Dark Mode – MTDb comes with pre-built light and dark themes. You can fully customize them or add new themes via appearance editor.

Videos – Various videos including trailers and full movies or episodes can easily be attached to titles from admin area or by regular site users, if this functionality is enabled.

Adaptive Streams – Built-in support for hls and dash streams (.m3u8, .mpd, .ts etc) with automatic quality and caption selector.

Lists – Regular users and admins can create lists of movies, series and people.

Automated Homepage – Homepage including slider and all content can be fully automated or populated manually.

Search – When “automated” mode is enabled, virtually any movie, series or person can be found via search.

Custom Pages – Custom pages (for example terms of service, about us etc) can be created using built-in WISIWYG editor.

Watchlist – Users can add movies, series and episodes to their watchlist.

Menu Editor – All the menus accross the site can be easily edited via drag and drop without any coding knowledge.

Related Titles – Similar titles can be suggested based on title genres and keywords.

Full Information – MTDb can store and display all information about movies and series, including full credits, seasons, episodes, videos, images, revenue, budget, quotes, release dates and more.

Payment Gateways – Stripe and paypal payment gateways are built-in, with secure and professional looking interface, automatic subscription renewal, invoices and more.

User Ratings and Reviews – MTDb includes fully featured ratings system allowing users to rate titles or leave a review along with their rating. Average of these ratings and reviews can then be shown as title overall rating.

Browse Page – Browse page allows users to find movies or series based on various criteria, including genres, release date, budget, revenue, language, country, user score, certification and more.

Appearance Editor – Easily manage your site appearance (colors, logo, landing page, menus etc) from appearance editor.

Ads – Paste ad codes into integrated ad slots in admin panel and MTDb will display them automatically.

Roles & Permissions – Assign roles and permissions to users to give or restrict access to specific functionality on the site.

Analytics – Google analytics are integrated right into admin panel so you don’t need to open a separate page to see how your site is doing.

Translatable – Site can be easily translated from admin panel, it also has multi-language suport.

Responsive – MTDb is fully responsive and will work on desktop, mobile, tablet and other devices.

Documentation – MTDb comes with in depth documentation that explains everything from installation to all the features.

SEO Editor – SEO tags for all pages can be modified directly from appearance editor in admin area.

Authentication – Fully featured authentication system with social login (facebook, twitter and google), normal login, registration, password recovery, account settings and more.

Disable Registration – Registration can be fully disabled from admin panel so only users you create manually from admin panel will be able to login.

Professional Design – Pixel-perfect professional design based on google’s material design.

Settings – Admin panel has many settings that allow you to fine-tune the site to your needs.

Multiple Homepages – Choose between multiple homepages including landing page, login page or your own custom html page.

Source Code – You will receive full, unencrypted source code upon purchase, allowing easy custom modifications.

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