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Monday, June 1, 2020 at 4:51:50 PM Greenwich Mean Time

Nishue is a software for a wide range of cryptocurrencies and multi-level marketing. Features: Multilevel Marketing (MLM), Commission, Deposit, Withdrawal of money transfers, Crediting, Buy Sell, Notification, SMS notification, Email notification, Coin calculator on the website and much more.


 Admin Login URL: | user: and pass: 12345 Website and frontend URL: Customer Login Type One: | User: and Pass: 123456 Customer Login Type Two: | User: and Pass: 123456

Nishue’s Awesome Features :

Crypto Currency buy sell

Crypto currency exchange

Live crypto compare system

Coin Lending

Multi level Marketing (MLM)

Coin Based MLM

Coin Based Affiliate

Level wise commission

Coin Deposite

Coin Withdraw

Money Transfer

Coin Package

Coin Lending

Buy sell Notification

SMS Notification

Email Notification

Coin Exchange

Coin Buy Sell

Bitcoin Payment

Payeer Payment

Mobile Payment

Multi Language

Team Bonus

Payeer Payment

Mobile Payment

Level Wise Award

Money Credit System

Exchange wallet

Your Local Currency Symbol

Live Coin Data

Daily, Weekly & Monthly ROI

Responsive Website

Crypto News

Crypto Depth analysis

Google and Image ads

Coin calculator at website

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